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Real Meat Whitings

Christmas orders are now being taken

Free Range Butchers Delivering Meat Nationally.

Our Contact details:

Whitings Butchers
20 Coldicutt Street


Opening Times:

Monday 7am - 1pm
Tuesday - Thursday 7am - 4pm
Friday 7am - 5pm
Saturday 7am - 4pm
CLOSED Sunday & Bank Holidays

We have been awarded a 5* rating from the Reading Borough Council Enviromental Health Department

Beyond 'free range', beyond 'organic.'

If you are looking for fantastic tasting, additive free meat from farms operating to the highest welfare standards, then you've found it!

Christmas with Real Meat Whitings

Christmas with Real Meat Whitings.
Keeping cruelty and chemicals out of Christmas could not be easier and peace of mind and phenominal flavour will be your just reward.

Our last day for delivery is 21st of December 2018

We have opened our order books and are stocking all of the traditional favourites - turkeys, geese, ducks and roasting chickens.

Remember, we can delivery directly to your home OR place of work,

If you don't fancy fowl, a traditional joint of beef, pork or lamb will deleight any festive gathering whether it is Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.

New Customers

New Customers

Find out all you need to know to convince yourself that we are the choice for you and then click here for a FREE £5 introductory voucher.

Ordering Online

Ordering Online
Ordering online is simple. Click on 'Products' to browse through all our delicious choices or use the search option to find individual items (e.g. 'sausages').

Choose the size option (where appropriate), the quantity required and click on 'Add to cart.' You can view your cart at any time and checkout when you are ready. Payment is by credit or debit card.

Please note that your request in weight terms will not be exactly the weight of the item when prepared for you due to natural variation. A receipt is enclosed with your order indicating the precise totals which will add up to what is debited to your credit or debit card.

We deliver anywhere in the mainland UK, Tuesday to Saturdays. Minimum order value is £35 with £4.95 p&p for weekdays. Punitive extra courier fees require that the minimum order for Saturday delivery is £75 with £14.95 p&p. Timed delivery and other delivery options available on request.

Cooking & Storage Tips

Cooking and Storage Tips
This guide is intended to help those who are unsure how to cook a particular item or want the reassurance of a second opinion.

Our meat should always be cooked as slowly as possible as this will help it retain the flavoursome juices and help soften the robust texture some cuts may have.

We thoroughly recommend that you have a reliable, digital spike thermometer calibrated in degrees celsius - they make great Christmas or birthday presents!

Solid muscle items such as steak need searing (i.e. sterilising) on the outside by barbecue, frying, or grilling. The interior temperature and colour are a matter of personal choice.

'Blue' is when the interior temperature is barely warm.

Blood red interior indicates rare to medium rare.

No interior redness indicates that the internal temperature is in the upper 60°C and you are in the realms of 'well done'.

Sausages, Burgers and Koftas
These mince-based items have mixed interior and exterior meat surfaces. Sear the outside and then, as gently as possible, get the interior above 74°C (piping hot).

Kebabs, Flash Fry Steaks and Stir Fry
Rather like steaks, you only need sear the exterior. A grill, barbecue or hot oven will do it. Interiors can be left rare according to personal taste.

Joints - Solid
Joints of solid muscle (i.e. not rolled or stuffed) need searing in a hot oven on the outside and then heating through as gently as possible at a more moderate heat. The interior can be as rare as you like. Cooking time is a compromise between temperature and time. If you have the time, cook as slowly as possible at, say 90°C - 100°C. The slower you cook, the more of the flavoursome juices stays inside.

Joints - Stuffed
With joints that have been stuffed or rolled, exterior surfaces are now inside. You therefore need to sear the outside but then carry on heating through until you reach 74°C in the centre. Again, do this as slowly as time allows.

'Lean Cut' Presentations
Our healthy, 'lean cut' presentations are delicious but need careful handling to avoid them being made tough by cooking. Sear the outside gently, yet promptly. Heat through to taste - rare to well done. Without fat, overcooking is a much more likely problem. but, gently cooked, these options are a gastronomic delight.

With the interior cavity void, heat will apply on both interior and exterior surfaces. Apply high heat to achieve searing/browning/sealing, then reduce temperature and cook slowly until juices from the deepest muscle (thigh) run clear or temperature exceeds 74°C.

Poultry - Stuffed or Rolled
Sear the outside at high heat to seal and brown. Then use lower heat to take the interior up to 74°C when juices will run clear.

Mince, Casserole Steak and Cubed Meat
These will all be cooked to safety within the dishes they are made into, which should reach at least 74°C. Remember to sear the meat, even mince, as this imparts a great caramelly flavour and seals flavour in.

Immerse in water kept just at the boil until the interior reaches 74°C, then remove rind (if present), coat in your favourite garnish (honey, mustard, brown sugar) and cook at high heat for just long enough to bake the garnish.

Alternatively cook until interior is 74°C by slow cooking in a simmering oven and then garnish as above. This will give a much stronger flavour, if you can handle it!

Pastry 'Bake-offs' - Sausage Rolls etc.
Cook in a pre-heated hot oven to effectively cook the pastry until gold. Interior temperature will need to reach 74°C. If this is not achieved by the time the pastry is done, reduce the oven temperature to moderate (120°C) until interior temperature is achieved.

Ready Meals
These all have individual cooking instructions on the label.

Smear a tiny bit of oil on a frying pan and fry, or you can grill or bake. It will cook quickly so the crispiness is simply a matter of personal preference.

Solid muscle items (joints), whole poultry, steaks and the like will keep in a fridge for two or three days, depending on how good your fridge is. Real Meat also freezes brilliantly - if you are in any doubt about any item freeze it, even if it is for a day or even less, as this will effectively halt deterioration.

Minced items including mince, sausages and burgers should not be kept in the fridge for more than 24 hours. If in any doubt, freeze it.

Store any meat or meat-containing item at the bottom of your fridge, particularly underneath any items that will be eaten without being cooked first.

(Don’t panic! If in any doubt, freeze!)

Remove plastic packaging but, if possible, keep covered. Allow 2hrs/kg and leave to defrost in a cool place. Don’t panic! If you are not sure if something is fully defrosted or not, it does not actually matter. What matters is being absolutely certain that it is fully heated through during the cooking process.


Meat (bone in) - allow 0.5kg per person.
Meat (boneless) - allow 0.25kg per person.
Poultry - allow 0.5kg per person

These are generous portions, but round up if in doubt. Extra can always be used for another day.

Guide Cooking Times
For classic joints and poultry, approximate timings are:


160°C Conventional/310°F/Mark 2/3
150°C Fan-assisted/300°F/Mark 2

Rare: 15-18min/500g
Medium: 20-25min/500g
Well Done: 30-35min/500g


170°C Conventional/325°F/Mark 3
160°C Fan-assisted/310°F/Mark 2/3

Medium: 15min/500g
Well Done: 25min/500g


170°C Conventional/325°F/Mark 3
160°C Fan-assisted/310°F/Mark 2/3



160°C Conventional/310°F/Mark 2/3
150°C Fan-assisted/300°F/Mark 2

30min/500g covered, + 30 min to finish
(uncovered). Rotate bird at intervals